If each just plant even just one seed of hope what a difference that would make!



As an artist there is a responsibility to speak of the times, challenge the status quo and to bring your art to a greater good.

There is a time to be quiet and a time to speak. In these times we must adapt and use the skills and talent given to us to pave a new road. In my career I have managed multimillion dollar budgets and worked with politicians and celebrities.

But if I was to die of Covid tomorrow it would be the people of my projects that I would miss. The artists, the underdogs, the non profits, the youth and the elders, and the small businesses that graced me and my crazy projects with their support and love. Like the sunflower we are all connected. We have strong roots and glorious faces. Faces of hope. I come from good stalk! The projects that were graced to…

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