Brighter Days? It is up to you!

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As I ponder my purpose through prose I pause on the power of the proficient sunflower.

The soulful beauty of the seed that is contained within a tough hull that awaits with contained positive energy to be planted, watered so it can germinate and then to burst forth with the warming of the earth it is in encased in. It will slowly rise into the beckoning blue sky and rays of the sun. As the stalk climbs higher the leaves begin to unfold and spread out to capture the droplets of sweet smelling rain and the heat of the sun. The blossom begins to unfurl giving way to vividly coloured petals that attract bees to pollenate the flowers, providing succulent pollen for the honey they are producing. The energy of the earth, rain and sun then are absorbed and the flower begins to create seeds that will become food for birds, people and animals. Some seeds will be gathered and stored, some will fall to the earth to start the cycle again and others will be shared.

The sunflower is a symbol for and of the people. The people who longed for freedom. People who need to find shelter, food, water and light. Away to draw into the earth and paint a vivid portrait of a hopeful tomorrow. As we walk further away from each other mindful to keep a distance in between let us not do that with our hearts. Let social distancing be something we do not and not who we become. This is truly a time for all to shine. We like the sunflower can grow, give life and be bountiful. It is a choice. Even in the toughest times and you feel you are in a hole it is you who decides stop digging further. You decide when to put down the shovel and look for away up. Quite certain that if you ask a way can be shown and a ladder lent.

The hardest place to be trapped is in one’s mind because that you take every where you go. It is pretty hard to get away from you unless you resort to other influences. The true you. Who is that? The sober, real you. Scary isn’t it? It is not easy to begin the healing process. To take the necessary steps to become the you you were meant to be. We wear so many layers. Protective coatings to keep others away emotionally and mentally. A harsh word, a tough demeanor, withdrawing away from loved ones. Easy to push others away. This seems to make some feel powerful but what it truly shows is their weakness, their hurt and their pain.

Looking in the mirror into my own eyes and staring at and into my reflection I too ponder who am I really? How many layers of protective gear do I wear? I must to fight fire. I shouldn’t need to just to live my life. We become consumed by self judgement. We become absorbed with who may be or may not be talking about us and how we can change that. Guess what? You can’t. All you can do is forgive yourself, forgive the others and carry forth. Climb your ladder one rung at a time. Up, up until you are out. Change is never easy. It can be down right painful. It can also be beautiful. Just look at nature. A caterpillar must transform to be a butterfly, a tadpole must change into a frog. Birds must learn how to use their wings. A baby has to learn to roll, crawl before he/she can walk.

Why when we are older do we expect everything to be the same. Day in day out with no change. How unfullfilling would that be? Change is coming whether we are ready for it or not. What you do with your today will determine how your tomorrow will unfold. Sow seeds of hope, gratitude and forgiveness and this is what you will harvest.

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